Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A workshop on Bordeaux Wines

Sadly, there's not many wine workshops or short wine appreciation courses conducted these days on a regular frequency. It will be good to see more casual yet informative workshops with the aim to inform and educate wine enthusiasts. A little education goes a long way to bolster one's confidence when it comes to exploring wines, especially those from not so well known wine regions.

There's a workshop coming up next week. This one though is about wines from a 'relatively well known' region in France :p

Details are as follows:
Workshop title: Understanding Bordeaux Wines
Speaker: Malcolm Tham
Time: 3.30pm-5.30pm
Date: 6 Dec 2012 (Thursday)
Venue: Ochre Italian Restaurant
Address: 181 Orchard road, #11-03/04, Orchard Central
For booking:
Enquiries: 91382078

Contents of Workshop:
1. The Terroir of Bordeaux
2. The Bordeaux wine varieties
3. Production of Bordeaux wines
4. The Bordeaux wine families and wine appellations
5. Understanding Bordeaux wine lables
6. Understanding Bordeaux wine classifications
7. French phonics to pronounce Bordeaux wines correctly
8. A tasting of 4 wines of different vintages and varieties

Price for workshop:
1. Trade and F&B folks: $25 per pax
2. SP Wine Alumni: $25 per pax
3. Public: $50 per pax

If you are free Thursday afternoon next week and keen to learn about Bordeaux wines, this may serve as a good opportunity for you :) For more info you can always call Malcolm.

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