Friday, April 29, 2011

BYO wines to Stewhaus at Cactus Road

Meat is the operative word here :) Do you fancy dishes like beef stew, oxtail stew, pork knuckle and sausages? And for those who still have room for more, how about other dishes like soups, steaks, pastas and pizzas? Then Stewhaus is the place for you. Its located slightly up north at Seletar Gardens, 6 Cactus Road, Singapore 809580 (Tel: 65557845).

The good new for wine enthusiasts is that it accomodates BYO wines and its corkage free. The staff also provide ice buckets, white and red wine glasses upon request. They however have only one decanter, so if your wine needs a little breathing, then I recommend that you aerate your wine earlier and pour it back into the bottle before leaving home. Alternatively, you can bring along your own decanter like my friends do.

Just note that its closed on mondays. Check the place out if you crave for some meat and wine :)

Note to readers: It’s always good to give the establishment a ring and reconfirm its BYO policy before heading down; things in life have an impulse to change :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

BYO wines to Meii Sushi at Tanjong Pagar

Care for some japanese cuisine with BYO wines? You can do this at:

Meii Sushi
Blk 7, Tanjong Pagar
#01-108, Singapore 080007
Tel: 62203466

Lunch: 12pm-2pm. Dinner 6pm-9.15pm. Closed on sundays and only open for dinner on public hoildays.

I was having lunch there yesterday and I took the opportunity to check on its BYO wine policy. A relatively new outlet serving dishes like sushi, sashimi and other Japanese cuisine, they allow BYO wines at a corkage fee of $20 per table. As long as you book a table (which seats 4 persons) you can bring any number of bottles for your dining pleasure for a corkage charge of $20 per table. (If I remember correctly, they have 3 to 4 tables in the dining area to the right of the main entrance.)

They don't provide glassware, so you have to bring along your own wine glasses. However they do provide ice buckets for your whites and bubblies. If four of you go for dining with 4 bottles, that works out to $5 corkage for each bottle.

The quality of the food is good, the price reasonable and its well worth paying a corkage fee for a food and wine pairing experience here.

You may want to experiment with bubblies and whites which carry a light to medium body, dry or slightly off-dry (like late harvest reislings), some good refreshing acidity and hopefully a palate not too big in flavours. Such wines should do well with the light flavours, and the oily and smooth texture of the sushi and sashimi dishes served here; ... and being a 'minimalist' when it comes to the soy sauce and wasabi may help during the food and wine pairing experience too :)

Note to readers: It’s always good to give the establishment a ring and reconfirm its BYO policy before heading down; things in life have an impulse to change :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Upcoming wine event: A 3-hour wine lunch at Brawn by Meatworks

There's a reasonably priced wine lunch event coming up in town on 6th of May. Its a luncheon organised by The Straits Wine Company with 25 St Emilion wines offered for tasting. At $58++ for food and wines, I think its a reasonably priced event.

The details are as follows:
Place: Brawn by Meatworks
Address: Marina Bay Link Mall, GP#01-01, Marina Boulevard
Date: Friday, 6th May, 2011 
Time: 12pm - 3pm
Price: $58++

For reservations contact: (email) or call +65 9799 6333

Wines for tasting:

Chateau Bellefont Belcier 2007 & 2006 
Chateau Chauvin 2007 & 2005 
Chateau Dassault 2007 & 2004 
Chateau Destieux 2007 & 2000 
Chateau Fonplegade 2007 & 2006 
Chateau Fonroque 2007 & 2005 
Chateau Laroze 2007 & 2005 
Chateau Moulin Du Cadet 2007 & 2004 
Clos Des Jacobins 2007 & 2006
Chateau Franc Mayne 2007 
Chateau Corbin Michotte 2007 
Chateau Guadet 2007 
Chateau Villemaurine 2007 
Chateau Le Prieure 2007 
Chateau Laroze 2005 Magnum 
Chateau Chauvin 2005 Magnum

If you can spare 3 hours for lunch, you may just find the trip you make worth your while  :p

BYO wines to Big Eater at Jln Pari Burong

Last weekend a few of us went to AA French Wine Pte Ltd to purchase and taste some back vintage bordeaux and burgundy wines. Its almost always good to taste back vintages of wines from these french regions as a bit of aging goes a long way to soften tannins, create a better balance between the wines' components and show secondary aroma and flavour profiles in these wines.
As evening drew near and hunger pangs became insistent, we chose to have dinner at a restaurant at the end of the row. This place is called:

Big Eater
34 Jalan Pari Burong (upper changi road)
singapore 488700
Tel: 62457268

There's 2 good news with regards to this place for a wine enthusiast. The first one is that it permits BYO wines without any corkage charge. Ice buckets are also provided for whites, though I would suggest you bring along your own wine glasses.

The second good news is its location. It is located amidst a quiet neighbourhood beside simpang bedok; a place easily accessible by those residing in bedok, tampines and simei neighbourhood areas. There's no need for these residents to lug their wines and glassware to a place in town.

It certainly looks popular as the restaurant was operating at near full capacity during the early evening hours on a saturday. It has indoor and outdoor seating areas, and offers a wide range of chinese cuisine. We tried the hokkien noodles with black sauce, crystal hor fun, sambal kangkong, salted egg with bitter gourd, beancurd skin with shrimp roll and dong bo rou (fatty pork in sauce) served there. I must say the cuisine offers lots of wine pairing opportunities for any wine enthusiast keen on pairing wine with local cuisine.

Do go visit if you are around the corner. 

Note to readers: It’s always good to give the establishment a ring and reconfirm its BYO policy before heading down; things in life have an impulse to change :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

BYO wines to Hooked on Heads in Singapore (at reasonable corkage fee)

I was having dinner at Hooked on Heads, a restaurant at Tower 2, #01-01/02, Sin Ming Plaza, Sin Ming Road, Singapore (Tel: 64554948) a few days ago. Seeing that they have wines listed on their drinks menu, I enquired if the establishment allowed BYO wines.

To my pleasant surprise they allowed BYO wines. The corkage fee for the 1st bottle brought along is $10; and the corkage fee for the 2nd bottle is waived. Its a pretty reasonable corkage rate I think if you bring along 2 bottles (if you average it out, it works out to $5 per bottle).

Ice buckets will be provided if you need to chill your wines too. I checked out the wine glasses and they seem more appropriate for white wines rather than serious reds. I would suggest you bring along your own glasses for reds if you are particular about wine glasses.

I was equally impressed at their a la carte buffet spread. They have at least 60 dishes on offer at $20+ per person; but a minimum of 4 persons are required to qualify for buffet orders. The cuisine range from chinese, malay, nonya, thai and western dishes. The spread includes seafood, meat, vegetables, egg, tofu, rice, noodles and desserts. Their signature and not-to-be-missed dish is curry fish head.

This place will be ideal for wine enthusiasts who prefer to pair wines with Asian cuisine. Dine in a group and you can try small portions of each dish with different styles of wine. Go check the place out if you are around the vicinity :)

Note to readers: It’s always good to give the establishment a ring and reconfirm its BYO policy before heading down; things in life have an impulse to change :)