Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two 'Wine Fiestas' in town on 29 Oct 2011

First I hear about the 'Wine Fiesta' which will be organized by Straits Wine Company between 28th to 30th Oct this year at Customs House. (More info about it in an earlier entry).

Now I hear of another 'Wine Fiesta' to be held on 29 Oct 2011 by Wine for Asia 2011. This one is scheduled to be held at Suntec Singapore Hall 401 between 11am and 9pm. The normal admission ticket is $10 (though there are 500 'premium tickets' retailed at $30 as well). For more info regarding this event check out :

I was at a wine dinner a few days ago when it dawned on diners that there are 2 wine events (both for the public) to be held on the same date with the same name. It would have been less confusing if these events carried different names :)

When you and your friends are planning to go for Wine Fiesta this year, just make sure you get the event details right :p

Wine Events in Singapore

... updated between sips; a quick look at upcoming wine events :p

Click on the pictures for a bigger image.

Date: 12 Dec 2015 (Sat)

Date: 12 Dec 2015 (Sat)

Date: 3 Dec 2015 (Thur)

Date: 1 Dec 2015 (Tue)

Date: 25 Nov 2015 (Wed)

Date: 11 Nov 2015 (Wed)

Date: 31 Oct 2015 (Sat)

Date: 26 Oct 2015 (Mon)

Date: 23-25 Oct 2015 (Fri-Sun)

Date: 23 Oct 2015 (Fri)

Date: 20 Oct 2015 (Tue)

Date: 18 Oct 2015 (Sun)

Date: 17-18 Oct 2015 (Sat-Sun)

Date: 17 Oct 2015 (Wed)

Date: 6 Oct 2015 (Tue)

Date: 30 Sep 2015 (Wed)

Date: 23 Sep 2015 (Wed)

Date: 19 Sep 2015 (Sat)

Date: 18 Sep 2015 (Fri)

Date: 5 Sep 2015 (Sat)

Date: 4-6 Sept (Fri-Sun)

Date: 29Aug 2015 (Sat)

Date: 27 Aug 2015 (Thur)

Date: 26-29Aug 2015 (Wed-Sat)

Date: 18 Aug 2015 (Tue)

Date: 15-16 Aug 2015 (Sat-Sun)

Date: 12 Aug 2015 (Wed)

Date: 6 Aug 2015 (Thur)

Date: 5 Aug 2015 (Wed)

Date: 31 July 2015 (Fri)

Date: 30 July 2015 (Thur)

Date: 29 July 2015 (Wed)

Date: 27 July 2015 (Mon)

Date: 24 July 2015 (Fri)

Date: 11 July 2015 (Sat)

Date: 11 July 2015 (Sat)

Date: 10 July 2015 (Fri)

Date: 9 July 2015 (Thur)

Date: 30 June 2015 (Tue)

Date: 26 June 2015 (Fri)

Date: 23 June 2015 (Tue)

Date: 23 June 2015 (Tue)

Date: 20 June 2015 (Sat)

Date: 10 June 2015 (Wed)

Date: 9 June 2015 (Tue)

Date: 2 June 2015 (Tue)


BYO wine establishments in Singapore

Keen on bringing your own (BYO) wines to an eatery?

Below listed are some eateries you may wish to visit. However do keep in mind that ‘BYO wine and corkage waiver’ policies change over time; so it’s advisable to give an establishment a call before bringing along your liquid wares. A call will also help you to get some information on the stemware and type of wine service the eatery is willing to provide its customers.

Outlets which waive corkage charge (or charge a minimum sum) throughout a week: 
(Most of these food establishments don't sell wine but are open to the idea of patrons bringing along their own wines. Most waive corkage; while the rest levy a reasonable sum. Do call first before heading down to ascertain an eatery's latest corkage policy.

Big Eater (34 Jalan Pari Burong, Picardy Gardens). 

Cafe de Hong Kong (#01-01, Eastpac Building, 586 Balestier Rd). 

De Classic Golden Spoon (#01-11, Blk 62 Seng PohLane). 

Jade Palace Seafood Restaurant (#B1-12, Forum Galleria, 583 Orchard Rd). 

Ming Kee Live Seafood (556 Macpherson Rd). 

New Ubin Seafood (#01-174, Sector A Sin Ming Industrial Estate, 27 Sin Ming Estate). 

Sin Hoi San restaurant (#01-55, Blk 55, Tiong Bahru Road). 

Wo Peng Cuisine (476/478 Macpherson Rd).

Yummy Recipes (#01-08, 47 Kallang Pudding Road, Crescent@Kallang). 

Outlets which waive corkage charge on a particular day of a week: 
(Do call first before heading down to ascertain an eatery's latest corkage policy).

Bedrock Bar & Grill
Addr: 96 Somerset Road, #01-15
Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard, S(238163)
Corkage waived for Mondays.
Addr: 77 Amoy St.
Corkage waived on Tuesdays and Sundays (for dinner).

Gattopardo Ristorante di Mare
Addr: 34 Tras Street, S(079026)
Corkage waived for Mondays and Tuesdays.

Addr: #01-60, Block 44, Jalan Bukit Merah Saga.
Corkage waived on Mondays.

Otto Ristorante Italiano
Addr: #01-02, 28 Maxwell Rd, Red Dot Traffic Building.
Corkage waived Mondays to Wednesdays. 

Sushi Mentai Singapore
Addr: 72 Amoy Street, Singapore 069891
Corkage waived for Saturdays.

Table at 7
Addr: 7 Mohamed Sultan Rd.
Corkage waived on Mondays.

Zafferano - Italian Bar & Lounge
Addr: Ocean Financial Centre, Level 43
10 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049315
Corkage waived for Saturdays (for dinner)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wine glasses anyone?

A good friend of mine wanted to buy some wine glasses for home. Since I wanted to purchase some pots myself, I took the opportunity to accompany him for Sia Huat's Annual Warehouse sale which starts today. The place was already crowded by the time we reached there at 11.30am.

Where wine glasses are concerned, you can purchase them from slightly below $1 /glass and upwards. The most popular one seem to be that from Cristal d'Arques Master Collection (picture of box shown below; these glasses can be found near the entrance of the warehouse itself). These burgundy glasses went at $5 for a box of 6 glasses (a good deal I must say; as it works out to less than $1 for each glass) and can be seen within many trolleys awaiting payment.

On the slightly higher end, there were glasses by Mikasa going at around $5 each glass. (From the main entrance, you have to walk about 10 metres into the warehouse to locate these glasses)

I did not see other 'popular brand named ones' put up for sales though. This sale is from 15-18 Sept. It starts daily at 10am and ends at 8pm (on 15-17 Sept) and at 6pm on 18th Sept. The location is at 20 Pandan Road, S(609272).

If you don't want to end up spending a long time at the payment queue, it will be a good idea to go early in the morning :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A trip to Bistro Amigo at Funan Digitalife Mall before September ends?

I received an email recently that Bistro Amigo is ceasing operation this September's end due to lease expiry. Since its inception at Specialist Centre, its been a place visited by quite a few diners over the years.

I dare recall quite a number of dinner sessions with friends over there myself, with wines in good abundance :p The 'ice cream with PX' dessert served here is still my personal favourite. I have not as yet seen this dessert being served by other establishments.

Many would have visited this bistro not only for the purpose of jazz and food, but also to pick up wine knowledge. The affable Tommy has contributed a fair amount towards promoting wine education among local enthusiasts and professionals by conducting basic wine appreciation workshops, and other wine courses like WSET, Court of Master Sommeliers and SWE programs.

For this month, Bistro Amigo is offering "a 20% discount for wine and champagne for dining above $100, and a free bottle of 1993 Champagne for dinning above $500".

If you have patronized this place before for dinners or have previously taken up some wine courses, this may be a good opportunity to partake in its ambience one last time before September ends.

If you don't already know the place, its at:
#02-15 Funan Digitalife Mall, 109 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179097
Tel : 6835-0238 Fax: 68365-0819 Mobile: 9664-7979  Email: