Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wine Angels spread their wings.

Wine Angels, a boutique wine merchant in Singapore began their first wine event for 2010 by introducing a portfolio tasting and organizing 2 wine masterclasses for trade professionals. This event was held in Sheraton Towers (Singapore) on the 19th and 20th of January.

Wines from 8 wineries were shown. They came from Australia, NZ, S.Africa, USA and France. Both masterclasses were conducted by Frank Kammer MS (a Master Sommelier from Germany). He discussed on various factors (in fact, covered 30 of them) involved in tasting and appreciating wine. At the end of these classes participants gained a deeper understanding on how to evaluate wine in a glass and gather information using a systematic approach.

Mr Frank Kaemmer MS

A layman consumer can be contented with deciding between whether he likes or dislikes the wine placed before him; absolutely nothing wrong with a subjective evaluation in this instance at all. However, a wine professional creating a wine list for his establishment certainly requires to know more in terms of objective evaluation and to be able to communicate his findings with those in the trade. A good initiative by Wine Angels, I must say.

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