Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Wine Outlet in the East: AA French Wine Pte Ltd

A wine retail outlet with a difference. I came to know of this newly set-up outlet from a good friend and fellow wine enthusiast Edwards. By appearance this outlet looks simple and laid back (well, it is); but walk within and a cellar full of back vintage french wines greet you.

Its a place for those who are keen to purchase older vintages of French wines. The owner, Nelson Foong, purchases back vintage of french wines at auction houses abroad and retails them here. If you are one of those who enjoy tasting older vintages, this place is an ideal haven. It has wines with vintages going as far back as 1950s.

Those who appreciate Bordeaux wines will attest to the notion that it is good to age these wines a few years and let them evolve a little before consuming them. Aging helps to soften tannins, develop complex flavours and create a better balance in quite a few bordeaux wines.

The wines in this outlet are properly cellared within a temperature controlled room. Its located within a row of shophouses in the east. The address is:

AA French Wine Pte Ltd,
24 Jalan Pari Burong (off jalan upper changi road),
Tel:65873122 / 91595679

A plus point with this wine shop's location is the fact that there is an eating house at the end of the row. You can consume your wine at the eating house without the need to pay any corkage for the bottles you bring along. What's more, the affable Nelson Foong readily offers proper wine glasses for your use if you need some!

 Just go have a look if you are in the neighbourhood.

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