Saturday, May 7, 2011

Long Lunch at Brawn with St Emilion wines

Lunch yesterday was at Brawn in Marina Bay Link Mall. I was keen on this event as it came with a tasting of 25 St Emilion wines from The Singapore Straits Wine Company.

The event was fully booked and place was packed by 12.30pm. A good aspect about this event for me is the fact that a 3-hour period was set aside to conduct this lunch. It takes awhile to settle down, do the lunch, taste the different wines and talk to some of the representatives of the wineries who are there. These are things you don't want to rush but rather take one's time and go about the event at a leisurely pace.

The wines showcased were pleasant for this lunch. (I've mentioned the list of the wines to be tasted during this lunch on an earlier entry).

A few wines I particularly enjoyed during lunch are:

2006 Ch Bellefont Belcier
2004 Ch Dassault
2000 Ch Destieux
2005 Ch Fonroque
2007 Ch Corbin Michotte
2007 Ch Franc Mayne
2007 Ch Villemaurine

These showed the fruit flavours, suppleness and structure which I personally enjoyed. It was certainly a pleasant session catching up with friends, exchanging views and taking a few hours at a leisurely pace on a friday afternoon. I am certainly looking forward to the next one :)

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