Friday, March 2, 2012

New Outlet: Wine Universe in Singapore

Wine Universe recently opened a new wine retail outlet. Its located at 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-107, just adjoining its existing restaurant (Oenotheque by Wine Universe).

It commenced operation a month ago. Since this new shop was holding the Terralsole wine tasting yesterday, I took the opportunity to attend the tasting and at the same time have a look at its liquid wares.

Mr Axel Paquette is the wine shop manager and he was kind enough to take the time to speak about the wines retailed here. This shop carries wines from France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Australia and a few Hungarian Tokaji wines too.

Being inquisitive, I did a quick read on the prices of the bottles being retailed. Most bottles are priced between $50- $130. An example of a bottle priced lower than the average price range will be the white wine from AOC La Cote-Vinzel, Switzerland retailing at $44. On the other hand, an example of something much higher than the average price range will be the 1989 Chateau d’ Yquem awaiting to go at $1,076. There is also a 1971 Ch Petrus in the wine fridge, with a label stating that its price will be given ‘upon request’ :p

Three reasons tempt me to come to this shop for future purchases.

Wines from Switzerland. Its comforting to taste highly rated or award winning wines, or those that come from well known wineries and famous winemakers. For me personally its comforting but not exciting nonetheless. I get more joy and excitement in trying wines from lesser known regions and new wineries,  in tasting wines from places not strongly represented in Singapore and wines made from varietals I have not as yet had the opportunity to taste. Wines from Switzerland are not strongly represented in Singapore, yet. They tend to suffer the same predicament here as wines from East Europe and to a lesser extent wines from Austria.

This shop holds a good number of wines from Switzerland, especially from the Valais region. One reason is due to the fact that one of the partners in this company is a Swiss vintner himself. I see myself going here to make purchases of these Swiss wines for the simple pursuit of tasting and exploring some new sips.

Wines from Italy. This shop carries the known wares from Barolo, Barbaresco and Tuscany, both from recognized producers and some small houses. But what caught my attention is the single varietal red wine made from Corvina. You seldom see it being retailed as a single varietal red wine in Singapore. (Corvina is one of the grape varietals used in the making of red wines from Valpolicella. Most wine enthusiasts will be familiar with wines from the Valpolicella region via the well known Amarones).

Italian whites retailed here come in the form of gavi and arneis from Piedmont, and an interesting bottle of Vermentino (a DOCG white) from Sardinia as well. There are also a few red wines from the Puglia region worth checking out if you are curious about wines from the southern part of Italy.

Hungarian Tokaji wines. I saw Aszu wines and a Aszu-Essencia as well. I am quite happy with the sweet ones from Hungary as an alternative for an evening to those from France, Germany or Canada.

(Thankfully Hungarian sweet wines are more easily available these days in a couple of established wine retail outlets in Singapore).

If you happen to be at Millenia Walk do go have a look at this new shop :)

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