Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wine Connection Tapas Bar & Bistro at Robertson Walk

Yesterday was a hot day. Though normally I would take it as an exercise of discipline to stay away from air-con and fans, yesterday the heat seemed to take a perverse delight in making me feel uncomfortable. Glasses of cold water offered temporary respite to the mind and body, yet the spirit remained restless and unnerved. The latter demanded (quite persistently) a chilled white as a form of distraction.

getting seated for chilled sips
Tired of putting up a brave front, I invited an obliging oenophile along for dinner and sips at Wine Connection’s Tapas Bar & Bistro. This relatively new eatery is located at #01-19/20 Robertson Walk, 11 Unity Street and I must say this place offers some advantages to enthusiasts curious about wine.

Closing hours. Let’s say I am delighted at the hours it keeps. Most days (Mon-Thu) it closes at 2am and on fridays & saturdays it closes at 3pm. There’s no need to rush through dinner or wines over here; you can spend the evening at a leisurely pace. Ever wanted a place for that ‘second round’? Even if you are doing dinner elsewhere and have to leave that premise by 11pm, you can still swing by this bistro after that for more drinks with your friends if you don’t wish the evening to end just yet.

Large capacity. This place got some girth. Be it you wish to sip alone or with a loved one for the evening; be it you want to sip away with your regular group of wine lovers or even ask along your colleagues from your department for evening drinks, this place can hold a good crowd. A staff mentioned that it can easily cater to more than 200 folks any one time; seeing the place myself, I can’t disagree with her.

Sitting options. Options abound. You have the option of sipping al fresco; there’s quite a few wine barrels and high tables placed on the front and rear sections of this bistro for that purpose. Most guests seem to prefer the al fresco option. Indoors you have the option to dine at regular sized tables, or sit and sip wines on high chairs. There’s also the long wooden table which runs across a portion of this bistro offering an elevated view of the whole place, if you like to catch up on people watching.

view from Mohamed Sultan road
back portion within Robertson Walk
regular seating option found indoors
nice long table with high chairs

Reasonably priced food and wine menus. Looking at the food menu, my companion’s expression was: “very reasonable prices”. Starters are between $9-$13; more than a dozen type of pasta and pizza are offered between $12-$15 each; fish and meat dishes range between $18-$25 and desserts at $5-$6. The wine menu offers a good selection of wines (sparkling, dry whites, sweet whites, roses and reds from various wine regions), going between $30-$100. There’s also an ample number of wines offered between the $30-$50 price category; reasonably priced and giving wine enthusiasts an opportunity to open a few bottles with their friends without hurting their wallets.

chilli and meat pizza
cellar within this bistro

This is a good place to get a few friends together, order a couple of dishes and wines, and just hangout or even indulge in your own informal food and wine pairing exercise; there's more than enough food and wine options over here. On the other hand, if like me you needed a place to get some chilled sips with quiet company, it would do as well. Check the place out if you are in the neighbourhood :)

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