Thursday, September 18, 2014

Upcoming consumer wine events (Sep-Oct 2014)

Three interesting wine events are just around the corner for wine consumers residing in Singapore. For those who like to explore and discover what your palate prefers, or taste wines from a particular region and learn a little more, this would be a good opportunity. Those who are presently pursuing wine courses would find this a good time to taste and discover what their manuals and wine books speak of as well. Of course you can rope in a few friends and visit these events for the sole purpose of having a social get together.

29 Sep 2014; 'Discover California Wines' event

This main wine producing region in US has a lot to offer in terms of quality and variety. You'll get an opportunity to taste wines produced from different AVAs within California.

18 Oct 2014; Wine Directions Wine Fair

19 Oct 2014; Wine Family Gathering

Wines brought in by various local wine merchants come together under the 'Wine Family platform' to showcase their liquid wares. One can expect wines from different countries, producers and vintages over here.

23-26 Oct 2014; Wine Fiesta

I think it will be safe to say that this will be the biggest wine consumer event in terms of size for this year. The Straits Wine Company organizes this event. Wine consumers will by now be familiar with the concept as this event has been held in previous years. Just keep in mind that this time round there is a change in venue. It will be held at Clifford Square.

Go explore and discover :)

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