Monday, May 11, 2015

Cru World Wine (SG)

A new wine company in town. I had the opportunity to meet up with Tom Chamberlain (MD, Asia Pacific) of Cru World Wine to get some information regarding this new entrant within the local wine industry.

Tom Chamberlain & Joseph Tan
Tom explained that Cru World Wine was officially born in 2013 with the acquisition of Bibendum Private Client & Fine Wine business (a 32 year old business entity). It presently has offices in London, Bordeaux, Hong Kong and as of January this year, in Singapore as well. Simon Farr (who started Cru World Wine) has over 40 years' experience in the wine business. He was co-founder of Bibendum Wine Ltd and one of the founders of Majestic Wine. Simon is also involved as a shareholder in wine estates in Chile and South Africa (some of which are exclusive agencies of Cru World Wine (SG). He further acts as advisor to a private wine group with 10 wine estates around the world.

For the local wine consumer, wines are retailed online via a 'website and an ecommerce' platform (with email marketing employed to bring wine promotions to the attention of potential buyers). Tom highlights that time and resources have been invested to build a secure online platform, a safe payment gateway and a site which will offer an easier and better shopping experience for wine consumers. For example, this site uses HTTPS (a secure communication protocol) for communications between consumers’ computer and this company’s server. Users are also provided with log-in password to reinforce security. For repeat users, this site is able to provide details of your previous purchases so that you can easily place reorders of selected wines (without the need of trying to recall the details).

A good spread of wines are showcased within this site. From different types of wines (bubblies, still, dessert and fortified) to wines from both Old and New world regions, something is available for the curious wine consumer. In order to ensure quality, wines are brought into Singapore via reefer containers (so that proper temperature control can be maintained during shipment). Local logistics and storage is handled by CWT.

You can visit this new site at: Cru World Wine (SG)

For any query on this site, you can approach the local representative:

Joseph Tan | Fine Wine Trading Manager Cru World Wine (SG)
GH10 #02-08 | 10 Raeburn Park | Singapore | 088702
t +65 6692 1056
m +65 9773 0323

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