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Ascheri Wines Tasting in Singapore

Serge Leveque, export manager of Ascheri wines, was in town recently to showcase several wines from this winery. This tasting was organized by The Italian Wine List (the local distributor of this label) for local wine professionals. It was held at Praelum Wine Bistro.

Serge Leveque
A brief background on Ascheri Winery
Serge Leveque explained that this winery first took roots in the La Morra region of Piedmont (at an area which went by the name 'Ascheri' as well) in the 19th century. In 1880, this winery and it’s cellars were shifted to Bra. (Back then Bra was an important distribution centre for Barolo wines and the owners of Ascheri Winery thought it made good sense to be closer to an important wine distribution centre.)  A hotel and restaurant was added to the winery at a later stage so that wine consumers can have a 'closer bond' and experience with Ascheri wines.

At present there are 3 vineyards producing grapes for the winery. The first one at La Morra grows Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetta varietals. The second one at Bra grows mostly Syrah and Viognier varietals. Finally the last one at Serralunga (at Alba) yields Nebbiolo and Dolcetta varietals. Annual production at present is around 150,000 bottles. In Asia, Ascheri wines are exported to countries like Thailand, Malaysia, mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

During past wine meets with friends and at trade tastings, I've had the opportunity to taste both the Ascheri whites (Gavi and Arneis). Though of different vintages (than those shown during this trade tasting), these wines by and large display crisp, soft, approachable styles with subtle aromatic qualities (leaning more towards restrained elegance rather than being bold or upfront); pleasant wines for hot afternoons and evenings I must say.

During this session we had the opportunity to taste the following wines:

2014 Cristina Ascheri Gavi di Gavi DOCG (100% Cortese varietal).
Fermentation occurs for 10 days in stainless steel tanks. Aging occurs for 4 months in steel tanks, followed by minimum 2 months in bottle. Light yellow colour with green tints. A fresh, clean nose with pleasant, floral aromas. A light bodied wine; offering a refreshing body with crisp acidity present in palate. It's a wine which reveals a degree of lightness and delicate constitution.

2013 Cristina Ascheri Arneis delle Langhe DOC (100% Arneis varietal).
The winemaking process is similar to that of the Gavi wine. A straw-yellow colour with green tints. Floral aroma; with palate showing minerality and stone fruit notes; reveals bitter notes in finish. Shows a good body weight and noticeable mouthfeel.

2011 Ascheri Barbera d’Alba le Fontanelle DOC (100% Barbera varietal).
Fermentation takes place for about 10 days. Aging occurs for 6 months in Slavonian oak (75%new, 25% old); followed by minimum 4 months in bottle. Ruby red colour. Ripe berry aromas with violet hint. Body shows black berries, plum and spice flavours. An integrated sip which shows approachability in palate.

2010 Ascheri Barbaresco DOCG (100% Nebbiolo varietal).
Fermentation takes around 12 days; followed by aging in steel tanks for 12 months and a further 18 months in Slavonian oak barrels (40% old oak and 60% new oak). Ruby red colour with garnet highlights. Aromas showing floral and spicy notes. Medium bodied wine in palate. Shows a soft, smooth textured wine with red berries, bitter and sour highlights (tannin and acidity at play); a rustic style of wine.

2010 Ascheri Barolo “Sorano” DOCG (100% Nebbiolo varietal).
Fermentation takes around 15 days. Aging occurs 6 months in steel tanks, 28 months in Slavonian oak (85% old; 15% new) and minimum 10 months in bottle. A garnet colour. A scented bouquet with floral, spice and tar aromas. Palate shows a good balance between the components; berry fruit, leather and spice notes; a smooth texture with a supple mouthfeel. Acidity adds a vibrant dimension to the palate. Wine with aging potential.

2004 Barolo “Sorano Coste & Bricco” DOCG (100% Nebbiolo varietal).
Fermentation takes around 15 days. Aging occurs 6 months in steel tanks, 28 months in Slavonian oak (60% old, 40 % new) and minimum 10 months in bottle. A garnet colour. Lovely aromas of spice, floral, leather and liquorice hints. An integrated wine with a smooth texture, manageable tannins and noticeable acidity; displays an elegant nature about it. Elements are harmonious with a rustic appeal.

For more infomation on these wines, you can contact the local distributor and event organizer:

The Italian Wine List, Tel: 63149473 (;

For pictures of this tasting, you can visit the following link: Ascheri Tasting

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