Friday, October 21, 2022

Wine from the Cesanese d' Affile varietal

Something new I came across this year; a red wine made from the Cesanese d'Affile varietal. It comes from the Lazio wine region (in central Italy). Production revolves around the town of Affile, which is located close to the Central Apennines.

This varietal is native to Lazio and production numbers are small. This could be one reason why this wine is not readily found in local wine outlets. The other reason could be that it takes a 'brave' wine merchant to import wines made from varietals that local wine consumers are less aware of. Not many will want to take the risk of carrying wines which local consumers may hesitate to buy due to lack of familiarity.

The usual Lazio wines one encounters locally tend to be white wines produced from Est! Est!! Est!!! di Montefiascone DOC & Frascati DOC appellations; and also possibly sweet wines from the Cannellino di Frascati DOCG appellation. A red wine from the Lazio wine region tends to be a rare exception.

Damiano Ciolli Silene Cesanese DOC Superiore 2019

The Damiano Ciolli Silene Cesanese DOC Superiore 2019 shows with a bright ruby red, lightly coloured appeal. There's the aromatic appeal with red berry, floral and spice notes which captivate one's attention. It's medium bodied with a pleasing silky texture and ample acidity to keep the body fresh and lively. It offers a pleasant sip.

The Cesanese di Affili DOC requires a minimum of 90% Cesanese d'Affile varietal in its wine. It can be made either in the dry or sweet style.

This particular wine (a dry red) is made from 100% Cesanese d'Affile varietal. Grapes are hand harvested and fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks.

You can find this wine locally via the Italian Wine Club.

Happy sips!

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