Saturday, December 17, 2022

Grignolino varietal

 Fabio Gea 'Black Grin' Grignolino 2016 (Piedmont).


This bottle itself stands out visually and evokes curiosity. The wine comes in a Traveglini Gattinara bottle, an old school charm. Then there is the wax top with a string attached for easy removal; another step in the old school direction.

When next you are about to reach for the wine corkscrew opener, you realize they went the 'modern path' this time round with a glass closure. No TCA issue here from a cork.

This wine is made using organically grown, destemmed grapes which were fermented in procelain vessels. Its holds a pale ruby-red colour, is light-bodied, with lovely red fruits and spice appeal. Though of light body, you tend to find a notable presence of tannins within the body. Definitely a lively drink to start an evening with.

You can get this wine in Singapore via Arcodyn Company Pte Ltd.

Happy sips !

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