Thursday, November 17, 2011

Twine, a new wine bar at Bali Lane

Twine, a new wine bar, opened in Bali Lane recently. Ever patronized the eateries in Bali Lane before? :p

Ten years ago Bali Lane can be described as a quiet, almost nondescript place. Things changed a few years back when outlets like Blue Jazz and Nabins came into existence and enlivened the atmosphere. Young ones suddenly had a spot in Nabins to sit on carpeted floors, smoke shisha and chill out with big pillows. The middle eastern songs and music with their exotic vibes often manage to bring a degree of life even to my middle aged bones.

Those not too keen to sit on floors found favour with the alfresco dining experience which Blue Jazz provided. It provided a quaint hangout for those who want 'to see and to be seen'. Many other eateries came along, made their presence and quietly went their way; but these 2 establishments have stood the test of time so far.

Rev Distribution came into the scene a few years back and has been operating as a wine retail outlet at 31 Bali Lane ever since. Apart from selling wines, it used to hold regular wine tasting sessions to introduce wines and wine culture to new wine enthusiasts. Recently the management decided to convert their operation from a retail outlet into a wine bar, and renamed the place Twine.

Twine is open all week except on Sundays. It begins operation from 1pm and closes at midnight. It can comfortably accommodate around 20 people (seated) and a few more as standing crowd. It can be termed as an ‘inclusive’ wine bar as it also offers beer and hard liquor to customers who wish for other beverages for the evening.

It presently carries wine from France, N. America, Chile, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. The prices start from around $35 and upwards. It also serves finger food. If you however prefer something more substantial, you can order food from 2 eateries along this lane and it will be brought over to Twine for your consumption (without any additional charge).

The management is keen to offer this place for private events, parties and wine tasting sessions as well. If you are keen to hold an event here, you can seek assistance at 64880379. You can also get information on promotions which Twine offers at

Do check the place out if you are in the vicinity :)

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