Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Buying PVC ice bags in Singapore

I've previously received some queries on where to purchase PVC ice bags in Singapore. I saw a couple being used recently during a wine tasting event held by Essential Wines and obtained a contact via them for this product.

You can purchase these bags at : www.chillbag.com.sg

It makes for an easy, light, stylish wine carrier bag (they come in different colours); something convenient to chill wine bottles in; foldable when not in use and reusable next time you have a need.

When doing 'BYO wine' sessions at BBQ pits, eateries or at a friends' place, I usually bring along an ice bag or two just in case there's not sufficient ice buckets for the evening's need. It comes in handy when you are visiting the neighbourhood hawker centres with a bottle or two of whites or bubblies as well :)

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