Friday, December 21, 2012

BYO wines to Yummy Recipes

I found an eatery recently which accomodates 'BYO wines'.

Its a big place; and it being located on the ground floor of a building catering to light industries comes as a curious surprise. The size allows Yummy Recipes to offer 180 seatings at any one time comfortably. But what surprises one more than the size or its location is the decor within. Enter into this place and you get an idea of what a reasonably well doing inn from early 20th century China would have been like. The design and decorative pieces within certainly bring you back in time.

The address:

Yummy Recipes
47 Kallang Pudding road.
#01-08, Crescent@Kallang,
Tel: 63431818

The sitting layout have been separated into 2 sections. One end caters to small groups of 2-4 people and the other caters for larger groups of 8-10 per table. There's 'sliding walls' in between each large table which can be moved to create private enclaves of varying sizes. Be it a big family gathering requiring one table or a company dinner needing a few tables, this eatery can certainly accomodate your needs.

It welcomes wine drinkers who want to 'BYO wines' as well. They have wine glasswares for sparkling, white and red wines. These are generic restaurant type glasses (so if you are particular about glassware for your cabernets and pinots, it will be advisable to bring along varietal specific glasses. I know folks who happily do that for wine dinners they organize with friends; its more than alright). This eatery also carries a couple of decanters at hand and is more than happy to provide ice buckets for your whites and bubblies.

Its mainly Cantonese cuisine over here. Place closes at 11pm. However, if you want to sip for longer hours, you can request to shift to seats placed outside the restaurant.

If you are the sort who loves to pair wines with chinese cuisine, this would be a place to check out. Call Ms Katherine over there and she will assist you with your 'BYO wine' needs.

(Note: Its always wise to call a restaurant about its current BYO policy (before going down with your wines) as things in life have a tendency to change).

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