Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Georgian wines in Singapore

Georgian wines may hold the reputation of being the oldest wines in the world, but ironically they are also one of the least available ones in Singapore as well. Though they have been well sought after by the Russians (at least until recent years), the rest of the world seem to take a short term curious glance at these wines and move on to those produced by other countries.

Can it be the case where the grape varietals used are relatively unknown (and some even difficult to pronounce) to wine enthusiasts in this part of the world? Can it be that consumers here being mostly unfamiliar with the flavour profile of Georgian wines, tend to stick to known international varietals from familiar wine regions? Can it be that consumers are being label conscious and wary about serving unfamiliar labels to friends and clients?

It can be one or more of these factors but it was easier for me in the past to procure and taste wines from countries like Israel and Lebanon as opposed to Georgia. Luckily for consumers here, now there is a new wine retail outlet which began operation two and half months ago at City Link Mall which offers Georgian wines for sale.The address is:

The Singapore Wine Station, One Raffles Link, CityLink Mall, #B1-17A, Singapore 039393.
Tel: 62386012

Just as Portuguese, Spanish and Italian wines with their indigenous grape varietals offer a different flavour profile when compared with popular international varietals, so does Georgian wines. If you like Georgian wines then you have the opportunity to purchase them at reasonable prices at this new outlet, and if you don't, then at least you have taken the opportunity to try some new varietals and gain new wine exposure :)

I hope you check them out :)

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