Thursday, March 17, 2011

... the joy from a glass of wine

The joy wine brings. It's interesting to witness how that liquid in a bottle can bring a smile to one's face for different reasons.

For some its about the quantity of wine imbibed during the course of an evening. Who has not heard someone close mention about that particular evening when a large number of wine bottles were uncorked and gleefully emptied during the session? And the smile on the chap's face when speaking about the event, does it not reflect the joy he feels?

For others it's about the joy derived when tasting wine of certain characteristics; it can be from a particular region, or made by a famous winemaker, or a particular varietal or blend which makes the wine in the bottle special; not forgetting of course the excitement one sees when a bottle from a deemed exceptional vintage is being uncorked. And what about uncorking back vintages which have been sleeping for 2 to 3 decades? The curiosity, excitement and pleasure of discovery itself is enough to break a smile on one's face.

There is the joy from sipping something exclusive; a bottle which comes from an extremely small production or that bottle from a reputed boutique winery.

Then there is the joy which comes in drinking a bottle recognized by someone as a good wine; one which has won several awards, gained 99 or a 100 points from wine critics or met the approval of your wine mates.

The joy related to the price of a bottle comes in two opposite forms. One is the joy in drinking an expensive bottle of wine which you seldom can afford and the other is in drinking a good wine purchased at a bargain price during a sales promotion or stock clearance.

One other moment I can think of is when wine plays a supporting role; like the time you are having conversation and catching up with a good friend over a decent bottle of wine. The bonding session is made all the more joyful with that bottle on the table, though it isn't the topic of conversation.

The joy which comes in sipping a wine which seduces one's palate and brings a smile to your face (it does not matter what the rest at the table think), that's one type of joy worth feeling.

I came to know of another type of joy last night. It's during the quiet moments you spend with yourself, a simple bite on the table and a glass of wine in hand. Last night I got this SMS from a good friend of mine:

" .. smoked salmon on toasted multi grain slice of bread, slice of fresh tomato, topped with assorted salad leaves and  drizzling of olive oil ... in the glass italian Arneis ... I'm happy".

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