Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wine tasting by Crystal wines

Swung by Valley Point to attend one of Crystal Wines' tasting session last Saturday. The tasting was on Italian and Spanish wines. This tasting was held in conjunction with its wine fair where up to 50% discount was given for some wines; a good margin indeed.

Around 15 to 20 wines were shown for tasting for the particular session I attended. I enjoyed 3 wines in particular. They are:

a. 2009 Bava Rosetta Bianca (Moscato). An off-dry bubbly which is easy to drink with good body, flavours and a lingering finish. Will work a charm as an aperitif at any session and for those into off-dry wines. It will balance well with some of asia's hot and spicy cuisine too. It went for $20 during the session, a splendid deal.

b. 2008 Bava Gavi di Gavi Cor de Chasse. A well structured white with pleasant yet subtle flavours. Its flavour intensity certainly wont overwhelm most food at any table. Be it salad, simple sandwich, pasta or pizza, it is likely to play a supporting role to enjoy the food at hand and yet make a pleasant sip. This too went at $20, again a good value-for-money deal.

c. 2006 Uccelliera Rapace, IGT, Tuscany. A red made with a blend from sangiovese, merlot and cabinet sauvignon stood out among the other reds at the tasting in terms of aroma, flavours, fruits in mid-palate, smooth body and long finish. It can be drunk now or kept away for a few years to undergo further development. The price was $61, but worth the value.

All in all it was a good session which helped fill up my wine cabinet :)

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