Monday, October 17, 2011

Assembling a value for money decanting kit at $20

Decanters aren’t exactly cheap nowadays. Next time when you are in town, do go visit a store’s glassware section and you will notice most decanters retailing between $80 to $400.

Here’s how a friend of mine who runs the wine interest group called The Wine Unplugged assembled a wine decanting kit for $20. If you are not particular about brands and will live a happy existence as long as the wine at hand gets decanted, you may adopt his approach and assemble a value for money decanting kit for home use.

The following were the purchases he made:
a. a decanter from the wine glassware section of Ikea, costing around $15.
b. a funnel and a fine mesh skimmer from DAISO at Plaza Singapura, for $2 each item.
(Round the figures off and he got everything for within $20.)

As for the metal handle of the mesh skimmer, he wrapped it backwards and around the bottom end of the funnel (see pictures below). Alternatively, you can always just snip the handle off if you have a pair of pliers at home and let the mesh rest within the funnel.

Recently during a late night session a few of us got the opportunity to witness the effectiveness of this kit. We had a 1974 Cantina Terre del Barolo Riserva from Castiglione Falletto which due its age warranted decanting. The mesh successfully separated the sediments from the wine and gave us a sediment-free wine.

Of course its not a must that the purchases are made at Ikea or Daiso. You can always purchase other containers of preferred size and shape; and likewise you can get funnels and mesh skimmers from neighbourhood stores selling cookware items, as long as you are comfortable with the quality and price.

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