Friday, October 28, 2011

Gambero Rosso wine event at St Regis Singapore on 27 Oct 2011

It was an all too brief visit to the Gambero Rosso ‘Top Italian Wines’ road show held at St Regis (Singapore) today. I visited another wine trade event (Wine for Asia 2011) the early part of the afternoon and ended up spending too much time there; leaving for myself an hour and a half when I stepped into St Regis.

The place was crowded and buzzing with activity when I reached this event. There were more than 50 wineries showcasing their wares. I was able to meet a handful of representatives and taste their wines. Luckily, a few merchants are attending the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair 2011 next week; giving me the opportunity to catch up with them over there.

There was quite a good spread of wines from regions like Piedmont, Tuscany, Abruzzo and Puglia.

Two interesting finds I chanced upon today are:
a. the Cantina Gallura vermentino whites, a 'DOCG' vermentino from Sardinia. Their flavour profile seem to be richer when compared with their Tuscan cousins; and
b. Cantina Tollo's white wine made from the Pecorino varietal (first time I am getting the opportunity to taste this varietal).

I am sure that given more time, this event would have thrown up other unique sips; I'll just have to wait for the Hong Kong wine fair I guess.

Below are a few pictures taken during this wine event. More pictures are at

Gambero Rosso road show

Argiolas wines from the island of Sardinia, represented by AntonioArgiolas

Ceci wines representative with good sparklies and local admirers.

Ruggeri wines from Veneto in the hands of Ms Rachelle Cruz (Taste of Tradition)

Rufino wines in the hands of Kevin Tan (Culina Pte Ltd)

Mother and daughter team of Masciarelli wines from Abruzzo (Water and Wines Pte Ltd)
Cantina Gallura wines from Sardinia; Ms Anna Napoli. Locally represented by Cellarmaster Wines.
Apollonio Wines from Puglia
Cecchi Wines (represented by The Italian Wine List)

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