Thursday, March 24, 2016

Olivier Leflaive Wines

There’s wines produced by Domaine Leflaive and there’s wines produced by Olivier Leflaive; Jean Soubeyrand patiently explained to a question posed to him. He was in Singapore recently to share about Olivier Leflaive’s negociant business and wines.

Jean Soubeyrand
Olivier Leflaive had the good fortune to witness, learn and experience viticulture and wine making since young. His grandfather, father and other family members were involved in things related to viticulture and later wine production (with the purchase of the family vineyard in Puligny-Montrachet back in 1905).

In 1984, Olivier Leflaive went on to set up a negociant business. But unlike negociants who would have been content with trading in completed products, he however preferred to make his own wines. Initially he bought grapes from reliable growers and began making wines under his own label. Later he acquired parcels of vineyard land and included grapes from his own land for winemaking as well.

With Franck Grux as his winemaker (since 1988), not only was he able to produce and provide quality wines to a growing market; he was also able to expand his wine portfolio from beyond those produced within Puligny-Montrachet to include those made from other parts of Burgundy as well.

A few sound initiatives introduced over the years have certainly went on to enhance customer experience and product awareness towards his wines. Olivier Leflaive set up a hotel (La Maison dÓlivier Leflaive) in Puligny-Montrachet where folks can come, stay and spend some time in the commune. It helps people to get to know his wines better and goes to promote tourism in the commune as well.

Visits are organized to his vineyard and winery to explain viticulture and the wine making process to curious wine enthusiasts. There's also wine tasting workshops to educate people on his wines, and dining experiences (at his restaurant, La table de Olivier Leflaive) which showcases wines from his portfolio.

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