Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sips from Russia

... if you wish to try sips from Russia when in Singapore.

It was an art show located in a gallery at Armenian street. The exhibit showcased works by Russian artists. True to good form, guests were introduced to sips from Russia during this event.

Though Russia has a long history in winemaking, it nevertheless faces challenges in making quality wine with an international appeal. Despite hurdles, some producers are striving to make their mark on the international wine scene.

One such producer is Abrau-Durso winery. I've had the opportunity to see their wines exhibited at Hong Kong Wine & Spirits fairs (an event held annually in Hong Kong). In Singapore, the Abrau-Durso wines can be found at Buyan Russian Restaurant & Caviar Bar at 9 Duxton Hill.

Two sparkling wines from Abrau-Durso winery were showcased during this art event: one the sparkling white demi-sec and the other an extra brut. According to the sommelier at hand, the demi-sec is made with Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot blanc varietals; while the extra brut is made using Pinot noir and Riesling varietals.

Both were made in easy, refreshing styles exhibiting a leaning towards fruit flavours like citrus and apple notes (as opposed to mineral or autolytic character profile).

An interesting spirit came in the form of the Kremlin Award Grand Premium Vodka as well. I must confess that I am not much of a 'spirits' drinker. To this novice, it came forth as an approachable sip with pleasing flavours and an enjoyable texture when tasted neat.

The good host nevertheless ensured the presence of strawberries and tomato juice as accompaniments for those inclined.

A representative from Wine Tatler, the firm marketing this vodka in Singapore, explained that this vodka goes through a '6 steps purification process' and is made under stringent conditions. If you are keen to try these sips from Russia, do contact the respective local merchants :)

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