Monday, March 21, 2016

Yellow Wines from Jura in Singapore

For the inquisitive wine drinker. A white wine called ‘Yellow wine’ (Vin Jaune) from the Jura wine region of France.

Though by and large white wines try to retain freshness, youthfulness and fruit notes; the vin jaune on the other hand embrace and display a partially oxidative character . They are certainly not the sort of whites produced at large in other wine growing regions of France or across the world. A little unique in style and certainly an acquired taste for the local wine consumer in Singapore.

I had the opportunity to taste yellow wines from Domaine Rolet (Jura, France) recently at Vintage Wine Club (a wine company located at 49 Jalan Pemimpin). The colour in fact does not make one sit up and take note; I believe wine consumers are used to seeing white wines come in different shades (from colourless to deep amber). But the nose will certainly make one aware of the difference a yellow wine offers when you bring the glass closer for a whiff.

Domaine Rolet , Jura
Antonin Pon (one of the founders of this wine establishment) explained that unlike regular white wines which upon fermentation are aged with minimal oxygen contact (in order to preserve a wine’s freshness and fruit characters); yellow wines on the other hand are aged in partially filled barrels with a layer of yeast on the wine’s surface.

It’s similar to the process a Fino sherry undergoes during its aging phase (but unlike a Fino sherry; yellow wines are not fortified prior to aging). This manner of aging (with partial contact to oxygen) results in the wine attaining a good shade of yellow and a degree of oxidative notes. Also, aging in contact with yeast makes the wine embrace aromas and flavours that the yeast imparts.

One does not easily come across yellow wines in Singapore. Luckily, for those keen to see how older vintages perform, the Vintage Club carries back vintages of these wines as well (1985, 1988, 1995, 2000 and 2005). Apart from whites, Vintage Wine Club also brings in red and sparkling wines from Jura as well too.

It presently carries  more than 200 labels from different wine growing regions in France. Wine enthusiasts can attend free tastings held every Saturday (from 11am to 5pm) to learn about these wines.

For more details, you can contact:

Antonin PON - Founder Vintage,
Wine Warehouse
Tel : +65 9851 0749 49
49 Jalan Pemimpin, Loading Bay APS Industrial Building
01-09, Singapore 577203

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