Friday, September 2, 2011

Wine books at a good price.

Borders carries a good range of wine books (I'll use the present tense as there's still the outlet in Parkway Parade operating for the moment). Be it something for the novice to learn about the basics of wine appreciation or the curious to make sense of wine regions around the globe, there is something for almost everyone keen on wine one way or the other.

If you are keen to know about viticulture and winemaking, you can look for books like 'From Vines to Wines' by Philip M. Wagner and 'Grapes to Wines' by Jeff Cox.

For those who prefer light, easy and general reads, there are books like 'Is This Bottle Corked' by Kathleen Burk & Michael Bywater, 'The Accidental Connoisseur' by Lawrence Osbourne, 'Decantations' by Frank J. Prial, 'Reflections of a Wine Merchant' by Neil I Rosenthal and 'Liquid Memory - Why Wine Matters' by Jonathan Nossiter to make some sense of the wine world.

For the wine students and sommeliers taking up courses, there are books like 'Wine Tasting: A Professional Handbook' by Ronald S. Jackson and 'The Oxford Companion to Wine' by Jancis Robinson.

Borders is presently holding a book sales at Singapore Expo from 2 Sep to 6 Sep. Check it out if you are keen to invest in some wine books. Appreciation for wine grows all the more when regular tastings are complemented with readings.

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