Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two 'Wine Fiestas' in town on 29 Oct 2011

First I hear about the 'Wine Fiesta' which will be organized by Straits Wine Company between 28th to 30th Oct this year at Customs House. (More info about it in an earlier entry).

Now I hear of another 'Wine Fiesta' to be held on 29 Oct 2011 by Wine for Asia 2011. This one is scheduled to be held at Suntec Singapore Hall 401 between 11am and 9pm. The normal admission ticket is $10 (though there are 500 'premium tickets' retailed at $30 as well). For more info regarding this event check out :

I was at a wine dinner a few days ago when it dawned on diners that there are 2 wine events (both for the public) to be held on the same date with the same name. It would have been less confusing if these events carried different names :)

When you and your friends are planning to go for Wine Fiesta this year, just make sure you get the event details right :p

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