Monday, September 5, 2011

Wine Fiesta at Customs House 2011

Compared to a decade ago, there are lots of wine tastings and wine dinners being held in Singapore these days. The entry of small sized wine start-ups which hold monthly wine tastings and dinners for consumers, and the growth of a few mid-sized wine retail companies which have introduced wine events on a bigger scale for enthusiasts have certainly added more life and flavour to the local wine scene.

One such company is The Straits Wine Company which has been holding the Singapore Wine Fiesta in recent years. This event showcases wines from different countries, offers consumers an opportunity to taste different types of wines and presents local enthusiasts a good opportunity to communicate with representatives of various wineries (and learn a thing or two from them about their wines). The chance presented by this event for fellow wine enthusiasts to come together to bond and interact in a relaxed setting makes a great plus in itself :)

This is one event I'll certainly recommend to new wine enthusiasts. You can explore the differences in wine as a result of different terroir and wine making styles (that is, if you care to learn about such matters :p ), or simply spend a day discovering for yourself those wines which bring joy to your palate :)

This year the event is held from 28-30 Oct 2011 at Customs House in Singapore. See you there if you decide to spend some time exploring wine :)

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