Thursday, September 8, 2011

A trip to Bistro Amigo at Funan Digitalife Mall before September ends?

I received an email recently that Bistro Amigo is ceasing operation this September's end due to lease expiry. Since its inception at Specialist Centre, its been a place visited by quite a few diners over the years.

I dare recall quite a number of dinner sessions with friends over there myself, with wines in good abundance :p The 'ice cream with PX' dessert served here is still my personal favourite. I have not as yet seen this dessert being served by other establishments.

Many would have visited this bistro not only for the purpose of jazz and food, but also to pick up wine knowledge. The affable Tommy has contributed a fair amount towards promoting wine education among local enthusiasts and professionals by conducting basic wine appreciation workshops, and other wine courses like WSET, Court of Master Sommeliers and SWE programs.

For this month, Bistro Amigo is offering "a 20% discount for wine and champagne for dining above $100, and a free bottle of 1993 Champagne for dinning above $500".

If you have patronized this place before for dinners or have previously taken up some wine courses, this may be a good opportunity to partake in its ambience one last time before September ends.

If you don't already know the place, its at:
#02-15 Funan Digitalife Mall, 109 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179097
Tel : 6835-0238 Fax: 68365-0819 Mobile: 9664-7979  Email:


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